Dorothy Dunn is a creative leader and catalyst, cultural producer and educator. Working with the Smithsonian Institution, The Carnegie Corporation of New York, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Buckminster Fuller Institute, The Rubin Museum of Art, the Philip Johnson Glass House, and AIGA, among others



Dorothy is proud to be launching dsgnfix, a sharing and navigation app for the creative community.

I’m inspired by architects, designers, and artists – by how they view and navigate the world. We created dsgnfix, a free app featuring destinations and experiences recommended by creative leaders and all of us who love design. From museums, shops and buildings to neighborhood strolls, wall art, and great views, every post on dsgnfix corresponds to a Google map so that we can all navigate our way to inspiration.

Innovation, “can-do,” and self-reliance define the core of creativity and character. They are as important to the foundation of our society as literacy, free speech and freedom of religion. However, skills and tools relevant to visual literacy and creativity are rarely given currency in our schools, the business community and civic leadership.

— Dorothy Dunn —



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Programs and Cultural Production

Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Project Space Program Development

America: Now and Here

Sketching on Napkins

Philip Johnson Glass House, Director of Visitor Experience

Philip Johnson Glass House: Glass House Conversations

Philip Johnson Glass House: Design Literacy Retreat

AIGA, Director of Programs

AIGA, Aspen Design Summit and Aspen Design Challenge

Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Director of Education

Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum: Smithsonian Education Achievement Award

Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum: City of Neighborhoods


My role is the catalyst, the producer, and the bridge builder between creative professionals and audiences who have never felt ‘invited in.

— Dorothy Dunn —

Media Production



12 Hatch Terrace
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 482-1337



My work is realized through partnerships with artists and designers. I have learned a tremendous amount from them and how they view and engage with the world.

— Dorothy Dunn —
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